Testimonials (a Sampling)


The following is a sampling of actual comments we have received from clients, students, and colleagues (nearly all of which were unsolicited). Most of the clients quoted on this page are members of law firms or government agencies.

"Congratulations on your new book Jan. It has great information and will be a great help to legal professionals using Word 2016.... anyone looking for a book for legal on Word 2016 should check it out."

—Donna Payne, CEO and founder, PayneGroup (Author of the renowned Word for Law Firms series)

"The new book for Word 2016 is great, as was the 2010 one (which is dog-eared, marked up and pages falling out from extreme use). No other book in our office gets anywhere near as much use. If that wasn't enough, the remote access hands on training is a lifesaver whenever we get it. More than we can remember, you have solved formatting mysteries that threatened to cause us to blow filing deadlines and that no one in either office could solve. You are a case saver. Thank you."

—Federal litigator, San Diego and St. Louis

"I am using your template right now and I love it. You have been such a help."

—MS Word template and training client, San Francisco

"You are a lifesaver."

—Attorney, Altadena (Word training client, in response to e-mail assistance a few months after the training)

"Thank you so much for everything you helped me with - including helping me not hate WORD. I can't say I'm an expert but I'm a whole lot better at WORD because of you. Thank you, thank you!"

—Assistant U.S. Attorney (U.S. Department of Justice), Los Angeles (WordPerfect-to-Word conversion)

"You are a Word genius!"

—Attorney/Law Clerk, U.S. Tax Court, Washington, D.C. (WordPerfect-to-Word conversion)

"You really are unique. It's been a pleasure having you with us."

—Legal secretary, downtown Los Angeles (Office 2013 / Windows 8.1 rollout)

"You are my hero."

—Legal secretary, Bay Area (in response to e-mail assistance with a problematic footer in Word 2010)

"Jan was a trainer at my firm and was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She was heads above the rest and I took every possible opportunity to learn from her. I thought I knew a lot about Microsoft Office until I met her."

—Word processor, Century City (Office 2010 rollout)

"It was a pleasure having you train us today. You went at our pace and understood the level of training we needed. We appreciate that. We both learned a lot today—and enjoyed it!"

—MS Word training client, San Francisco

"Given how much we rely on your book, our office considers you THE Babe Ruth of Word 2007."

—Partner, Riverside County law firm

"I have been using a lot of the stuff you taught us in class and it has made my life easier. I have fixed several of our pleadings, format wise and a lot of little things here and there. My bosses are very impressed with what I have learned and they are constantly calling me in their offices so that I can show them how to make changes in their pleadings. So again, thank you so much for everything."

—Student, "Preparing and Formatting Legal Documents With MS Word" class, Irvine

"The template is perfect! Thanks so much!! I truly appreciate all the work you have done for us and being so good-natured about all of the changes."

—WordPerfect template client, Sacramento

"Your book is really excellent. Any Word law office that lacks a copy of your book is probably using only 10% of Word's legal capabilities."

—Litigator, Palm Springs

"Thank you for all your wonderful help. I also love how you put everything down [on paper] so easy to understand. I was able to [create a] TOC and TOA with ease because of your instructions!!!" —MS Word training client, Encino

"Nice - always helpful - responds to needs of students. Knows the field." —Student, "Computers for Adult Learners" (formerly "Computers for Seniors") class, UCLA Extension, The Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning

"...your training was well received and appreciated by all in attendance at the classes. Attendees thanked me the next day for your training, and their words were driven by their appreciation for your extensive technical knowledge of the program as well as your teaching skills. You literally set the foundation and opened the doors for skill development with Tables of Contents and Table of Authorities."

* * * * *

"...thank you so much for your patience, perseverance and professionalism in working with us to coordinate this training. I genuinely hope there will be more opportunities to utilize your training services in the future."

—MS Word training client, San Francisco

"Thank you so much for everything. You are truly an angel sent from the WP heavens :)"

—WordPerfect training client, West Covina

"Jan was very patient with us and made sure we all understood a lesson or concept before moving on to something else. Her handouts were excellent." —Student evaluation, "Computers for Adult Learners" (formerly "Computers for Seniors") class, UCLA Extension, The Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning

"We really appreciate your coming here yesterday. We all found it to be quite helpful..." —MS Word training client, Pasadena

"Excellent and kind and understanding instructor"

—Student evaluation, "Preparing and Formatting Legal Documents With WordPerfect," Santa Ana

"Thank you so much. The training was great." —MS Word training client, Los Angeles

"The training was a good beginning. Everyone learned stuff that they previously had not known, and you gave me both the courage and the impetus to begin to use features that I had either ignored or purposely stayed away from.

* * * * *

"Again, many thanks for your presentation, materials, and helpful followup. Our staff appreciates the dedication you showed yesterday and continue to demonstrate."

—WordPerfect training client, Los Angeles

"Thank you, Jan, for all your help. You have been absolutely wonderful and I am really excited about all I am learning -- I think a lot of people [in the firm] feel the same way too." —MS Word training client, San Fernando Valley

"This was a great hands-on class. The introduction to browsers and search engines was fascinating and enabled us to fine-tune our searches."

—Student evaluation, "Legal Research on the Internet," San Francisco

"I really appreciate all your help last week, and I know that the staff got a lot out of it."

—WordPerfect training client, Sacramento

"The instructor is a star."

—Student evaluation, "Internet Legal Research" Class, San Jose

"I loved your classes and learned much more than I expected. I will keep a look out for more of your classes applicable to my needs. Thank you so very much!"

—Student, "Computers for Seniors" class, UCLA Extension (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute)

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! We've been trying to figure this out for some time and I really appreciate your help."

—WordPerfect client, San Francisco

It has been a genuine pleasure, and an honor, working with all of you over the past three decades (plus). Many thanks for the confidence you've shown in us, and for the kindnesses great and small. All of the best wishes for your future endeavors!

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